Sunday, 10 June 2012

Top 20 Of My Most Precious Wedding Memories Countdown..

20 - Having my toenails painted before the wedding.
19 - A scrumdiddlieumptious wedding cake.
18 - Beautiful Silver Jewelery.
17 - The nerves kicked in while having my last drink of Moscato as Melissa Fletcher.
16 - A Special handmade ring pillow.
15 - My bouquet with my chosen flowers being, Poppies.
14 - This awful flower that we pulled out of one of the bouquet.
13 - This special car Jie got off his Pop hours before the wedding.
12 - Having my precious daughter be my flower girl.
11 - Wearing thongs under my dress (you may have to click on the photo to see).
10 - Jiedyn being promised to always have a Daddy.
9 - Having three of the most amazing ladies stand beside me.
8 - Staring into the eyes of the man I'm going to spend the rest of my whole life with.
7 - The perfect snog to the perfect song {Little Wonders - Rob Thomas}
6 - Signing Jiedyn's new name certificate.
 5 - Katherine signing our Wedding Bear.
 4 - Having my Father walk me down the isle and say he is proud of me.
3 - Feeling like a princess.
2 - Forgetting a change of clothes and cutting our wedding cake in my PJ's
 1 - Being introduced as Mr and Mrs Matthew Baker!

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Sara-Jayne said...

Hello! I love your blog, your blog background and this post! I am so glad you found me! I'm looking forward to following you....and now I'm off to read with my little dragon (my baby son)! Sara-Jayne @

Lady Unemployed said...

What a beautiful wedding! Congrats! I love the background on your blog by the way!

Mrs Melissa Baker said...

Thank You!

JTwisdom said...

Congratulations to you both!

Susan Evans said...

Oh, how sweet! My eyes are tearing up...

Beth Cutwright said...

Saw your blogaholics post so came for a visit. What a beautiful and awesome wedding!!So happy for your new found happiness!
I will be following through emailsince I don't believe GFC is working(?) and I look forward to following your blog!
Beth at

the missis said...

Looks like a fantastic wedding! The photo of you and your father's so precious! :) I found your site via Bloggy Moms.

Mrs Melissa Baker said...

Thanks mate.. yes, we don't have many photo's together so it's one I'll hold so dear!!

Mrs Melissa Baker said...

Love your blog also, hopefully we can become great friends :) Thanks for your friendship!

Shubhangi Srivastava said...

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