Wednesday, 6 June 2012

World Environment Day, Think Outside the City Block

Yesterday was World Environment Day. We took to the city with hundreds of people to circle a Melbourne CBD block (bordered by Bourke, Elizabeth, Little Collins and Swanston Streets) to celebrate our beautiful countries naturalism and to raise awareness about the destruction it's facing killing off some of the most beautiful forests, animals and Australian coastlines. Jiedyn took the day off school and had his face painted to come with us. The weather was horrid but the outcome was AMAZING! Nevaeh and Matt went home early but Jie and I stayed, handing out about a hundred fliers and magazines between us. Let's just say we were putting the World Vision ladies standing beside us to shame! It was mine and Jie's first time rallying ever and the whole vibe was awesome! Jiedyn is looking forward to going back to school tomorrow and teaching his class mates a thing or two about logging.. {That's my boy}

The Facts:

Every day, 10 city blocks of Victoria’s forests are logged, mostly to make cheap products like Reflex paper. 

 An area the size of 3,500 city blocks of the Kimberley’s stunning coastline is currently at risk of being converted into the largest oil and gas processing hub in the southern hemisphere. 

And in a once in a lifetime opportunity, the equivalent to 108,000,000 city blocks of our marine territory is up for protection in 2012!

Click here to see more photo's snapped yesterday via The Wilderness Society Facebook Page!

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