Thursday, 9 August 2012

Meet Little Miss Whiskers!

Nevaeh made her very own kitty today, naming her Little Miss Whiskers!
Thank you to the family friendly staff at DIY Bears for making my little girl smile today!

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Anonymous said...

What a pleasure it was to put a beautiful smile on your little girls face. She is just so adorable. Love her happiness. It's infectious.
Hope to see you again,
DIY Bears.

sunflowersweetness said...

Hey melissa, thank you so much for gift, I really enjoy those little acts of kindness!
I really like your blog, and your kids are gorgeous!
And neveah,What a beautifull name!

I hope you drop by on my blog,

See you there ! Xx sharmaine

ASH♥ said...

SOO cute!
I've followed!

Nika Luxé said...

Hi Melissa-Now Following. You have an Adorable family ~Nevaeh is a lovely name.

Visit me sometime :)

my2preciousboys said...


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