Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Parmesan Pastry

Are your kids sick of having the same old food in they're lunchbox each week?
Do you remember having that boring old sandwich week in and week out?
A piece of fruit and a bag of chips just not fun anymore?..

Go out of your way for your kids!!

At 8 o'clock yesterday morning I made some simple parmesan pastry for my little man to take to school with him. At his school, Tuesday is fruit day so his lnchbox is usually packed with fruit, fruit and more fruit but yesterday there are some flaky goodness in there as a bit of a change!!

So simple, anyone can do it!

Cut some pastry into strips..
as a bit of butter to each strip..
rub on some parmesan cheese..
cut and twist the strips..
bake for 10-20 minutes..


The perfect addition to any lunch box, even for those fussy eaters like my son.

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Rose said...

Hi I just found your blog thru a group on MBC! I'm now following you and would love for you to follow back!

Tips 4 Saving

Love your blog ~ these pastries look and sound delicious, thanks for sharing and keep in touch!

Heather Graham said...

This looks yummy! Joining you from Bloggy Moms.... Thanks so much for your sweet request of friendship! Excited to be following you, now (GFC, FBook & Twitter)!


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