Tuesday, 14 August 2012

One time, stop everything to help someone else..

Last Saturday, while planning a {family impact day} of cleaning we received a text message from family friends asking if we could baby sit two littlies. Without thinking at all I accepted. Another massage came saying that they were in search of others to look after the other 4. I said not to stress, that I could have them all. I ended up baby sitting 5 of them plus bringing Jie too equaling 6.

Being in another persons home, watching how the kids all interact with one another, how personalities shine through, how each child handles they're emotions and the extent of the littlies tantrums was all a very new experience not only for me, but for Jie too.

All I could do was teach. Teach how important it is to work as a team, treat each other with love and kindness and that the only person that they can control of is themselves. It was struggley for a while but soon the kids got it. Time outs went to those who kept forgetting but only two before they realized how serious I was ;)

After dinner and some cleaning, age appropriate board games came out and the kids were laughing and having a tonne of fun! "It's my turn next" was the most said word of the night and yummy surprise treats all round after gaming was the highlight for the kids.

Noodles and Vegemite seemed to be the crowd favorites as far as food went and after the littler kiddos went to bed me and the two elder ones hooked into a choc muffin each.

The following day the kids spent the day amusing themselves, playing games, watching movies and skyping to friends on the computer, more board gaming, watching foxtel and nerf gunning.

Later that night the kids went from being good to all fighting. It was mental. Emotions everywhere wondering where Mum and Dad were, how long until they would be home, dinner to be done, cleaning to do etc. It all got too much for the oldest who took it out on all those around him. I was in shock but understood.

All in all it was a very eventful weekend, great kids, great family and a lot of entertainment!

Best of all I checked off a RAOK Challange by just being me.. just me!

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Camille said...

Wow, sounds like a big test that you handled really well! I don't know how I'd watch that many kids at once, I'm nervous about having 2 lol!

Penny said...

You are a freakin legend, that's how you do it. :-)

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