Monday, 27 August 2012

My 10 Essentials

Kate over at The Tales Of Me after sharing her 10 essentials, mentioned that I share mine!
Here they are Kate..
1. Fresh Water - Everytime I turn the tap on in my home, I remember how lucky I am.
2. Jesus - I don't know how I ever lived a day without being thankful for Gods precious gift.
3. People - The diversity of people is somewhat humbling to a girl like me.
4. Freedom - Does this ever enter you mind?
5. Sunny Days - Light, Life, Warmth.
6. Fresh Air - Thank you Jesus!
7. Love - Being passionate about something and the feeling of knowing your loved.
8. Dara Maclean - I admire because she inspires..
9. Empathy - Something not taught in school that really should be!
and 10. Bible - I'm sure if we didn't have it, God would have found another way to speak to our hearts.

Did I miss something? Comment your 10 essentials..

1 replied:

Kate said...

Great post Melissa, love your little image of your 10 essentials. I was brought up a catholic but I'm afraid religion isn't a big thing in my life. I do appreciate where your coming from though and I do like your choices. From the little I know of you your choices definitely reflect the impression I have got of you (which is a good thing). Its an interesting challenge and its a great way to get to know people better, don't you think? I found it fun to do and have enjoyed reading your answers.

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