Thursday, 2 August 2012

Three little moments..

*Jiedyn made breakfast for himself and Nevaeh..

Nevaeh: "Where's my spoon?"

Jie: "I made you brekky Vae-Vae, three wheatbix because your three!"

Nevaeh: "Where's my spoon then?"

Jie: "Here, have mine, I can get another one"

Nevaeh "Thank-you Jie-Jie"

Jie: "That's okay!"

Nevaeh: "No, your welcome!"

Mum: "Jie, when you were little, after I said thank you, you would always say "That's all welcome." it was so cute that Uncle Al used to say it too."

Jie: "Thats because we have the same life"

Nevaeh: "What's life Jie?"

Jie: "A life is a heart, because if you didn't have a heart you wouldn't have life"

Nevaeh: "Me got a heart.."

*a little while after while Jie was putting a video on..

Jie: "Which button do I press?"

Nevaeh: "Just press X"

Jie: "It doesn't have an X"

Nevaeh: "Just press two then.."
*While watching the movie and writing this post..

Mum: "What's you favorite color Jie?"

Jie: "Pink, blue and purple"

Mum: "Why Pink?"

Jie: "because I think it's beautiful."

Mum: "Whats your favorite color Vae?"

Nevaeh: "um.. green - no purple, purple."

Mum: "Why?"

Nevaeh: " ..'coz!"

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Alicia said...

Out of the mouth of babes!! So precious!!

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